Maintain Your Faith

Sermon By: Dick Webster

From Sermon Notes: Link

Jude 3 "Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith, which was once delivered unto the saints." In the first 4 versus we see the purpose of the letter

3 blessings are told of the Christian. Sanctified! We must each reach every day for the sanctification of God. If we are not being sanctified then are we growing? This must be a purpose in life for every Christian. Preserved! We are preserved in the Lord, as long as we stay faithful. The option to “jump out” should never enter our minds. The world sees to many “fly by night” Christians. Stay in Jesus Christ and be preserved for eternity. Called! Every Christian is called for duty. If you don’t know your calling, talk to your Father. We are to continually be working for the kingdom. We are all called to be witnesses to a lost and dying world. We should pray Mercy, peace, and love on all Christians. Pray blessing on people and NOT only material requests of God. If we are joined in unity of prayer, God will bless us richly. In the second part of verse 3 we see an exhortation to faith put on the people.

Notice 3 things about faith. It was not discovered by human research. Man has come a long way in research and development. We've flown to the moon. Studied far away stars. We understand the human body so much more. Research in medicine has produced so many different vaccines. Research can show many things that God has created. However man has not created life itself. Babies are started in test tubes – BUT not created. Man can only put the parts together - he cannot create them. Research helps to understand more of what God has created. Man spends much time and money on research and development. It can be a good thing, until we think we have become God. We can only use what God has given to us. Human understanding grows more than we know.

But faith cannot be manufactured. It is not something we can put into a tube and watch it grow. God has given it to us. It is up to us to use it and let it grow in the Holy Spirit. Notice it was “delivered” unto the saints. It is up to us as to what we will do with it. The Holy Spirit has been given to enhance our faith in God. God wants our faith to grow in Him. God EXPECTS our faith to grow in Him. Human research cannot discover it. It was given by the Spirit and grows in the spirit. We can’t reach out and touch it. BUT we can reach out and touch God with it.

We cannot get it by research nor can we get it by our brilliant minds. It was not devised by human ingenuity. Through research and development our knowledge is greatly enhanced. Our minds are so much smarter than a few decades ago. Faith is what we have and use to get more of Gods mind. Trusting in Him and Him alone to see us through.

Our faith in Him calms an uneasy spirit. Greater faith builds greater trust. Not in man but in God. Notice even in human relationships, the more faith we have in someone, the more trust we have in them. Take a car salesman for instance; do you trust him at first glance? He tries to build your faith and trust in him. God has given us salvation, which should be plenty to trust in Him. No greater gift has been given than salvation. We hear of healings and other great acts of God. We see the miracle of creation before us. What else do we need to have greater faith in God.

Human ingenuity cannot discover the mind of God. We can only discover it, through the Holy Spirit. Like in Acts chapter 2. We have seen Gods works and cant explain many of them. We can only trust and have faith in Him. How can we serve Him without faith? If we have no faith, we have no need to serve. Service without faith is of no use. But if we have faith and trust in Him, we will serve with gladness. Hearts will be blessed by our faithful service. Praise God we didn’t think of this thing called faith.

God gives it by His own divine nature. It was delivered by divine revelation. In Acts 2 we have men sitting around thinking of spiritual things with human minds. Nothing is happening nor can they make anything happen. They have now noticeable power or authority. Men today may even try to imitate the things of God. But power will not be there. When the Holy Spirit entered the scene everything changed. All of a sudden spiritual things happen. Whirling winds. Tongues of fire. Speaking other languages verified by other men. Power in the things they say. Souls being saved. Research and knowledge in the flesh will never bring spiritual happenings.

We must have the diving revelation of God to come upon us. When we have faith and trust in God, he will come through. We will find the Word all of a sudden open up and be made clear to us. Reading the Word in the carnal is like reading a book. Reading it in the spirit becomes divine revelation to our spirits. We become as one with the mind of Christ. Our faith begins to grow as we see the truth. God divinely reveals the truth of the Word.

We must not rely on research, ingenuity, and our own minds to discover God. He is Spirit and our spirit must be in unison with His. He will deliver faith and allow our faith to grow in Him. As our faith and trust in Him grows, our Christian experience grows. Our relationship grows in Him. Others begin to see the change in us. They begin to “want” what we have found. Don’t rely on man – RELY ON GOD! HAVE FAITH IN HIM!