Marriage The One Flesh

Sermon By: Dick Webster

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In reading Matthew 19:4-6, Genesis 1:27, and Genesis 2:18-24; we get a great perspective of Marriage.

Today we see two types of relationships, Heterosexual and Homosexual. Jesus referred to Genesis when talking about Marriage. Notice there is only reference to man and woman. God created man and woman and joined them together. No man should ever tear it apart. Marriage is the prophecy of the church and relationship with Jesus.

However, it is happening today. Episcopal Church, “House of Bishops” passed resolution allowing same-sex. Blessing the relationships. Allowing church leadership in homosexual lifestyle. To normalize that which is against God’s creation. Homosexual lifestyle is a blasphemy toward God.

Some say we must “move forward” with the times. Are same sex marriages to be given the blessing of the church? Elevating them to the same sacred status as heterosexual marriages? Or is it a transgression of Scripture. Many Christians are falling down on either side of the fence.

We must make a stand for what scripture says. Not all things are easy to accept or understand. But the Bible is the only standard by which we should live. God gives standards to marriage. Marriage depicts the relationship between Christ and the church. Man has lessened the standards of marriage. Man has made light of the sanctity of marriage.

Today we will look at what God has to say about the subject.

The Two Shall Become One. If Homosexual is sin then it cannot be validated by the church. If Heterosexual is a blessing it must be validated by the church. We must decide according to scripture where we stand. Many Scriptures condemn anything but man/woman marriages.

The real answers start at the beginning in Genesis. God's purpose for relationships, marriage and sexuality. Creation had a clear design and progression. Male and Female were created.

Jesus is the groom and the church is the bride. Genesis 1:27 says, He created them in His image, male and female. NOT male and male or female and female. God's order was perfect and made for all times as seen in the New Testament.. Notice also he drew man and woman together (Gen 2:18). Presented Eve to Adam for his eyes to behold Gods beauty. Man's “alone-ness” was alleviated by the creation of the woman.

Verse 24 says "and they became one flesh". Two distinct sexes and yet drawn together to form one body. Like a pair of gloves (same material and style but different hands). Made to work together as one flesh for the same purpose. Edward Welch said “a covenant of companionship that is ordained by God. It is the bringing together as one flesh two separate people who are truly 'fit' for each other.”

When Jesus was questioned, He reminded of the original order of God. He also added, what God has joined let no man separate. Homosexuality is a violation of creation and thus it is sin. The bible explicitly condemns it in Romans. It violates Gods original beautiful creation and man/woman sexuality.

Love Is Not God, But God Is Love. Even with the one flesh argument, opponents still refuse to give up. They elevate love as a standard which transcends scripture and Gods plan. One said we must stay open to alternate lifestyles as long as they are conducted in love and responsible ways. They say that love is the only thing that matters in a relationship.

“Can love ever be sinful?" Unquestionably, “YES.” Inverted or perverted love is against Gods design. We are created to worship and to love according to Gods design. For example, are told not to love the things of the world. Gods love will not break His original design for love. We are to love the sinners but to hate the sin. We are not to corrupt Gods original creation. Love is obedience toward God and His commands.

“God is love” but “love is not God.” Never replace this truth or turn it upside down. This can lead to idolatry as we worship the love or person. God is at the center of life, but He won’t force himself on us

3 fold pattern of human behavior. 1) Men replace God in their lives with what He has created. 2) God turns men over to what they prefer. 3) Men act out in their lives. This leads to putting Gods creation in place of God which is idolatry. Homosexuality is a form of idolatry. God is exchanged with the carnal temporal pleasures of this life Worships an image of oneself through same-sex copulation. Leads to failed worship which is our worst disorder. Men fail to acknowledge God anymore. They fall to their own lusts and loves. Worship and love of this kind is not of God.

Gods love is pure and according to His Word.

Jesus Is Coming For A Spotless Bride. We must be holy and righteous in all things including relationships. Man's right order of relationship with God through Jesus. Leads to a love of God and wonderful experience with Him. The Covenant of marriage is the highest/deepest expression of human relationship. It symbolizes union with God and His people. It symbolizes Jesus and His Bride, the church.

Eph 5:25-27 Husbands love your wives…….a blameless/spotless church. A few versus later he mentions Gen 2:24 again. Men the love you have for your wives will effect the church. Men will be held responsible for the love in the family. Again we must love the sinner but hate the sin of the world. Homosexual nears the fearful line of blasphemy. Perverts the concept of Christ choosing a man rather than a woman as His bride. He chose a spotless bride and not a “groom” for all eternity.

We must not rely on research, ingenuity, and our own minds to discover God. He is Spirit and our spirit must be in unison with His. He will deliver faith and allow our faith to grow in Him. As our faith and trust in Him grows, our Christian experience grows. Our relationship grows in Him. Others begin to see the change in us. They begin to “want” what we have found. Don’t rely on man – RELY ON GOD! HAVE FAITH IN HIM!