Law Fulfilled

All names are withheld for privacy reasons. This was a conversation held about the Old Law, the fulfillment, and the misinterpretation of the Bible. This may be removed at any time per the author's request.

Unknown Writes:

My beef with them [Christians] is of course the Crusades, more specific the "Children's Crusade" were they sent kids to fight which most of them either drowned on the ships or were forced or sold into slavery instead.

Also I don't enjoy being force feed by society about it, especially how the church seems to have more control over the country then the government.

Also it was "Jesus" who said tho shall turn the other cheek not god.

Exodus 21 Verse 7: It's ok to sell your daughter into slavery.

Exodus 35 Verse 2: Anyone working on the Sabath shall be put to death.

Corinthian 11:14 Doth not even nature it'self teach you if a man has long hair it is a shame upon him (look at all the false images of Jesus, that is not how he looks like, he is not white.)

The bible is not a book for moral codes. If you follow the bible you can not pick and choose what you shall follow, if you do then what is posted above is something you are SUPPOSE to follow.

The book advocates murder, predjudice, cruelity, and superstitions.


First I would like to say it is good to see you have some knowledge of what the Bible says, but the unfortunate thing is that you either have been taught, or are reading many scriptures out of context. The problem with the church denominations and many Christians today is that they have made doctrine out of one or two scriptures and do not consider the rest of the teachings that very plainly explain the verse they are looking at. This is very dangerous and leads many to not understand the entirety of the Bible and its teachings.

Yes, like I said, the crusades are nothing of God in any way as written in the Bible. This was the corruption of the people and a particular religion in particular which is NOT OF GOD.

As for Jesus saying 'turn the other cheek', it depends on who you think Jesus is. This is a question YOU MUST ANSWER - who WAS JESUS CHRIST? He was God incarnate, or manifested in the flesh. He and God are one in the same. Original manuscripts and the original greek show they are One in the same. So when I say 'God said it', I'm just speaking out of habit, for in my belief they are both the same entity.

As for Exodus21:7, it spoke of IF the daughter is sold in slavery, not that is is alright in any way. God put forth law for the hardening of hearts of man. Such as when the rights of divorce was laid down. The people asked why Moses gave a certificate of divorce when Jesus said divorce was a sin. He said it was not so, speaking of divorce, even from the beginning but allowed Moses to give it because of the hardness of their hearts. Even though He hated divorce, but He knew man would sin and act it. God allows us to have a "will to choose" and if you choose to go the other way – God will allow you to.

Exodus35:2, is a law of the old. A law that was fulfilled by Jesus Christ. "Think not that I come to destroy the law, or the prophets,; I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil."-Matt5:17 You don't judge others, only God has that right. All of the law was given to foreshadow and to show us Jesus Christ. When Jesus came and died for yours and my sins, and then rose from the dead, the law was fulfilled and everything turned spiritual. That is why today people don't fall over dead when they sin or lie to God, but they will die spiritually. We are not bound by the law but thank the Lord we are saved by grace and the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

Anyone that sees it in the way you described can either choose to deny Him (which I in no way wish at all, nor does God) or really look at it without blind eyes. Truly ask who Jesus is and what His word really means. Finding key phrases and skewing it to be bad won't change Him. Discrediting God in any way won't change that He's our creator. Many versus can be taken out of context and distorted, but if you are really seeking the truth of Gods Word I am here to help and my Pastor is willing to help answer any questions you may have. My prayer is that you understand that God loves you and died for your salvation, anything after that is only learning the truth of the Word.