God's Promise Confirmed In Jesus Christ

Sermon By: Dick Webster

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2 Corinthians 1:18-20; 2Peter 1:1-4

The Bible contains thousands of promises from God. Most Christians don’t claim even one of them a day. They are all at our disposal through Jesus, BUT all of God's promises are not a smorgasbord to pick and choose from. They are not a “goodie” bag to pick out of at our leisure. He is looking for people who trust in Jesus daily to pour them on. They are for our taking and for our daily lives. We must trust in Christ to be blessed with them.

Some don’t see them in action because our faith is not where God wants it. Promises are based on the integrity of the one who makes it. God’s integrity is true. His integrity is unfailing. He has always given and always will give what He says.

Survey the lives of many believers, we will find that they all had or have one thing in common. They were either going through something or Coming out of something. Many times when we face tests and trials, we feel as if God has forsaken us and that he doesn’t care about us in our situation.

We see trials for different reasons. Mainly for spiritual growth (mature us). To enhance our faith in Christ. To change us in the way we do and see things. To see the glory of God in all situations. Gods promises are reliable in every situation. Comforting in Sorrow. Dependable in difficult situations. Poor, lonely, suffering times, family difficulties. Faithful during times of temptation. AS God has given promises of victory and power, we also see trials. God is always there to see us through. To give the power and endurance if we will only trust in Him.

Gods promises are Confirmed in Christ

II Corinthians 1:18-20

Paul faced detractors and trials in Corinthians. People saying he was inconsistent, because he changed his travels. They said he said yes and no, at a the same time. Their eyes were on earthly things and not the heavenly message. Paul directed them immediately back to the message of Christ. Reminding them of Gods promises be reliable, always true. It was a consistent message of Jesus Christ. Just as all of Gods promises are consistent and true. Through Jesus we have the hope of eternal life. Confidence that God will always keep His promises.

Notice he said all promises are true “AMEN”, “So be it”. Emphasizing the truth of what he was saying. Affirming the truth of his message. God’s promises are true. Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection are the “Amen” that Gods Word is true. God promised to free His people from spiritual bondage. To grant us eternal life. Jesus affirms that in our hearts. Gives us hope that enables us to stand firm in the faith.

Joshua 23:2 confirms and reminds the people that Gods promises are true. God delivered His people from bondage. God promised and gave His Son to deliver us from spiritual bondage. Through Jesus we have a foretaste of glorious fulfillment of His promises, Forgiveness, Empowerment, Indwelling of the Holy Spirit. God will, through Jesus, fulfill His promise of eternal life.

Through Knowing Christ (2Peter 1:1-4)

Verse 1-3 tells us that we have everything we need to live righteous lives. The key is the knowledge of God, revealed in his Son Jesus Christ. In God is all power to experience victory in all things. In all situations. Whatever comes against us. Let Jesus be seen in all situations

God’s power provides everything we need. Verse 3 tells us the power for such provision comes through “knowledge of Him”. We are to “seek” the knowledge of God. This goes above and beyond just looking for it. With all you have seek it. Again, His promises are not “consumer items”. We need peace so we look for a scripture on peace. Or comfort so we look for scripture on comfort. Or strength so we look for scripture on strength. AND THEN when all is good we set the Bible aside.

Peter reminds us that God has expectations also. Verse 4 says we are to be “Partakers of the divine nature”. Daily seeking His goodness, forgiveness, and His nature. There is no divine nature except in Him. Partakers will overcome worldly lusts. “Escape the lusts of the corruption that is in the world." We need to have more faith and trust in God to deliver us. We need to “seek” Him more in our daily lives. We may have worldly lusts, but we don’t have to partake in them. God has given us promises through Christ to overcome them.

Exceeding and great promises are confirmed through the knowledge of Christ. We need Christ and His knowledge more than ever. The world has held us captive long enough. Christians stand up and be “Holy”. Take hold of Gods promise to be a partaker of His “Divine Nature”. Live for Him and seek Him on a daily basis. Take hold of His promises – THEIR YOURS!