Confess the Lord Jesus Christ

Sermon By: Dick Webster

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Luke 12:8-9

In the world we live in we hear the name of Jesus used in many contexts. Some in a blasphemous way. Some in a religious way, few in a reverent way. The name of Jesus Christ is the name above all names. In such, should be held in the highest of honor and praise. Should be lifted above all other topics of discussion. Jesus Christ was God incarnate into a human form. Jesus and the Father were the same and one in the same.

John 10:30 writes,“I and the Father are one." The Greek word means "1" one in a contrast to many.

John 8:19 Ye neither know me, nor my Father: if ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also.

John 14:7 If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know him, and have seen him.

Jesus was God himself and thus deserves all honor and glory. God gave all He had in the person of Jesus Christ. And what do we give to Him? How do we honor Him for all He has done? How do we use the name of Jesus or DO WE? Jesus was given the right hand seat of God the Father. This is the position of power. We are to do things in Jesus name for in His name is the power of God.

The Holy Spirit was given to us for power. The Holy Spirit always glorifies the person/name of Jesus Christ. We are commanded to confess the name of Jesus to all men. We will then be confessed in heaven before the Father. To confess means to speak, declare, admit what you know to be true. To speak freely of the facts and deep convictions. Not to be used in a religious sense but in a Holy sense.

The world has heard too much religion. They don’t need any more religion. They need the power and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. They need the power of the Holy Spirit to be revealed. The name of Jesus Christ has grown cold because we hear it so liberally. We need to get back to the basics of Christianity as in the book of Acts. We need to start honoring and glorifying Him as our Lord and Savior. Jesus said if we don’t confess Him, He will NOT confess us before the Father.

Let me share with you a few points I find to be critical


The reward of confessing Christ: -- There was a prince of right royal blood, who once upon a time left his father's palace and journeyed into a distant part of the king's dominions, where he was little known and cared for. He was a true prince, and he had about his face those princely marks -- that strange divinity which doth hedge a king -- that might have made the onlooker know that he was right royal. But when he came into the place, the people said, "This is the heir to the throne; let us insult him, let us hoot him!" Others said, he was no heir at all. And they agreed to set him in the pillory. As he stood there, every man did pelt him with all kinds of filth, and used all manner of hard words towards him; and they said, "Who dare acknowledge him for a prince? who dare stand by him?"

There stood up one from the crowd, and said, "I dare!" They set him up in the pillory side ,by side with the prince; and when they threw their filth on the prince it fell on him, and when they spoke hard words of the prince they spoke hard words of him. He stood there, smiling, and received it all. Now and then a tear stole down his cheek; but that was for them, that they should thus ill-treat their sovereign. Years went by, the king came into those dominions and subdued them; and there came a day of triumph over the conquered city: streamers hung from every windows and the streets were strewn with roses. There came the king's troops dressed in burnished armour of gold, with plumes upon their glittering helmets. The music rang right sweetly, for all the trumpets of glory sounded.

It was from heaven they had come. The prince rode through the streets in His glorious chariot; and when He came to the gates of the city, there were the traitors all bound in chains. They stood before Him trembling. He singled out from among the crowd one man only who stood free and unfettered, and He said to the traitors, "Know ye this man? He stood with Me in that day when ye treated Me with scorn and indignation. He shall stand with Me in the day of My glory. Come up hither!" said He. And amidst the sounding of trumpets and the voice of acclamation, the poor, despised, and rejected citizen of that rebellious city rode through the streets in triumph, side by side with his King, who clothed him in purple, and set a crown of pure gold upon his head. C.H. Spurgeon

So it shall be with those who confess Jesus Christ AS there Lord and Savior. We shall on that day hear the words “I know this man or woman”. We shall then praise His holy name for eternity. It is not popular to proclaim the name of Jesus in this day and age. People will mock and make fun. We will lose friends and close associates. We shall be set aside as “weird” or “not fun to talk with”. But if we don’t proclaim the name of Jesus the world will die in their sins.

I am not talking about like how the comedians do. Humor is good but leave it out of the church teachings. It is not a funny thing but a very serious subject. I don’t see the Apostles being humorous in any of their teachings. Some will have people laughing their way into hell itself. Or even as some Christians do in a loose manner. Any time His name s mentioned from our lips it should be in a reverent manner. Glory and honor should be present for His sacrifice

This is not a popular thing to preach but I see a serious situation on our hands. Christians must begn to profess Jesus to a dying world. It is not just the job of the Pastors and the church. We each have a responsibility to proclaim His name.


Notice in the illustration given earlier, the man STOOD next to the prince. Jesus wants more Christians to stand in this day for Him. Too many are lying down on the job. Too many are afraid to make a real stand for Jesus. They are to concerned about their image or their status in society. We are willing to stand for about anything else but not Jesus. It is easy to take a stand for something the world recognizes as acceptable. But understand the world doesn’t accept Jesus Christ. The world is the devils playground and we are the child no one plays with. Jesus taught us to make a complete stand for Him and His Word.

We may even talk of Him but our actions don’t portray His will. Actions speak louder than words. Many a witness has been ruined by the actions of a person. As you seek holiness you may have people to go back to and apologize. If your actions are not in harmony with your words, YOU'RE USELESS. If your actions are not in harmony with the Word, YOU'RE USELESS. Jesus said to be Holy as I am Holy.

Set yourself aside. He said we are not of this world. So then why do we take such a part in this world. We give everything else devotion, but not the work of the Lord. AGAIN actions speak louder than words. Jesus is looking for people who will talk the talk and walk the walk. I hear all the excuses for not doing what we know is right. But on that day you will have a difficult time explaining your actions/words

People are watching you, do they see Jesus? I heard people say “I hear so-and-so speak of Jesus then so-and-so does that." They see Christianity in your actions more than your words. If you act no different, why should they change?

Start walking the walk and talking the talk. Start showing the world more of the love of Jesus. Live a life that will have Jesus proclaiming our name in heaven today and tomorrow. Jesus gave His life, what will you give Him today? Are you ready to show the world the Jesus you love. If you don’t know Him make today the start of a new eternity.