About Us

The "Biblical Truth Today" is a Sister Site of C.A.V.E. Ministries. C.A.V.E. Ministries is a group of people who work to prove the Bible's truth of creation versus the ongoing teaching of the "Big Bang" and "Evolution" that is taught in schools today. C.A.V.E. Ministries is working to give the Biblical Teaching of God's word to help the lost find their way to their creator and Savior Jesus Christ.

The members of C.A.V.E. Ministries are always teaching more than just creation. Pastor Webster continually preaches and teaches an old fashioned Gospel and still adheres to the teaching of men like Paul and Peter. Now, through "Biblical Truth Today", C.A.V.E. will be offering more information about the Bible to those who want to know more or need the solid Biblical Truth for their life, where it needs to head, and how it all ends up.

Prepare your heart and your spirit, because "The Truth" is not watered down or sugar coated information. Today's society and churches have drowned God's word to prevent "hurting feelings" and "scaring away" people. We know you're strong and you want to know your Savior Jesus Christ in a deeper way. You want to know "The Truth" and not the lies. You don't want to be lied to. Come, read on and find out what you need to know to serve God and live a life he wants you to.

We pray God's Blessings upon you as you search His Word and His Truth. We hope you enjoy your time here. Visit us often, for our site will have new articles added on a regular basis. We also solicit anything you would like to see on this site, any questions you want answered, or anything you may want to know about.